Koboldbike® was born from the passion for 360 ° motorcycle touring of an engineer who, using his technical knowledge and travel experiences, created a range of suitcases and accessories for motorcycles based on the quality of the materials.
According to the use, the most suitable material is considered for each particular. Worked with the most modern technologies, subjected to treatments that preserve its characteristics over time and handcrafted assembled.

Koboldbike® cases are lighter and more resistant because they are entirely made of certified aluminum with an eye to the environment. NO PLASTIC

Suitcase body 2mm thick

The Koboldbike® suitcases are made entirely in Italy, precisely in Sasso Marconi where there are showrooms and design and development offices, Sala Bolognese for cutting, bending, welding and assembly, the only processes we do not do internally are treatments of the material and painting.

No more sand or water in your clothes!

Thanks to the coupling between the lid and the body on two perpendicular faces, we guarantee a completely watertight closure. This also occurs in the event of a collision and consequent deformation. It is impossible to achieve this with a normal coupling closure of gaskets. After the impact, the body and the lid do not fit together anymore and from that moment water or dust will always enter. The gasket used is interlocking, easily replaceable.


Suitcases that unhook in an instant by removing the internal safety bracket .


Body alu 2 mm welded , lid and bottom alu 1.5 mm. Silicone-free welded corners with stainless steel 304 plastic-accessory studs joined by stainless steel aeronautical blind rivets.


In case of replacement of one of the components it is sufficient to remove the rivets and proceed, the suitcase will be like new. This intervention will be possible to carry out it at Koboldbike ®.

Extensive customization possibilities

Furthermore, according to your needs, you can choose from a wide range of accessories and if that is not enough we make them according to your specifications. Find the right color combination for your bike between cover-body-bottom.